We find the right driven candidates so you spend more time growing your business.

Skilled Staffing Inc. has partnered with companies in the following industries:

  • 3PL

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution

  • Construction Products Manufacturer

  • Chemical Distribution

  • Furniture Wholesaler Warehouse

  • Logistics Services


Committed To Your Success

We know that product a quality product is your first priority. You need driven employees who follow the production schedule and deliver results. You need to be able to spend more time strategizing and less time micro-managing. At Skilled Staffing Inc., we deliver cost-effective supply-chain workforce solutions, award-winning risk management, and the ability to respond at the speed of your business. 



We develop long-lasting relations with our customers.



We strive to exceed productivity standards.


Consistency & Quality

We continuously identify and adopt best practices to deliver consistent quality and minimize costs.



We develop and reward synergistic teams.


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